Steve Wagner, photographer 

Steve is a dog fanatic, having had dogs of various breeds -- with various personalities! -- throughout his life. While he also enjoys a thriving "human" photography business, his interest in taking photos of animals (including his handsome American Bulldog Bruno) means that being the photographer for The Loyal Dog was a natural fit; his experience at American Greetings taking all those cute animal photos has come in handy after all...

Steve is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and has a client base throughout the Greater Cleveland area and beyond. 

His non-canine photography work (including weddings, special events and commercial projects) can be seen here:

Jill Levin, Owner and Manager

Jill enjoys the company of a menagerie of pets, including her two dogs, Linus the Corgi and Bo the English Mastiff. She has been a life-long horse enthusiast as well. Her love of animals and interest in photography as a particularly fascinating art form planted the seed for the development of The Loyal Dog Photography. Her brother, Steve Wagner, is the photographer.

Jill will be your contact person for questions, appointments, and sales. She will also frequently act as Assistant Number One on the photo shoots to help ensure a quality experience for you and your dog.