Go, Dog, Go

Does anyone else remember the fabulous children's picture book Go Dog Go? 

It tells this crazy story about a wild bunch of dogs who drive cars, wear hats and end up all partying together at the top of a tree. There are big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs and smooth dogs; smart dogs, goofy dogs.. you get the picture. It's a classic kid's picture book, and one look at the Dog Party (a 2-page spread) and you'll understand the appeal -- dogs playing tennis! having a picnic! jumping rope! taking turns being shot out of a cannonAnd they all look completely different from one another in the most charming possible way.

Well, that little book was brought to mind last week at The Loyal Dog, where we saw a parade of doggies, each so different from one another as to be ridiculously adorable in their specialness. It was like Go Dog Go, the live version: We had a photo session with a spotted mini dacshund immediately following a pair of elegant Greyhounds; a wiry, white-haired ball of puppy energy after a sweet, elderly yorkie; and a glossy black pug back-to-back with a fluffy silver poodle.

The same kind of crazy-cool variety of dogs was on display on Sunday at Woofstock (yes, you read that right). This is a fun annual event (held this year at the Chagrin Polo Field) that raises money for Rescue Village in Geauga County. Dogs and their human partners show up to donate to the cause and to admire and fuss over other dogs. Oh, and there are lots of vendors and some cool exhibitions. But to me, it was the incredible variety of dogs that made it such a good time. And standing back and squinting a little bit, it looked to me exactly like the Dog Party page from Go Dog Go....I almost expected to see a dog getting shot out of a cannon.

Donations still being accepted at Rescue Village http://www.geaugahumane.org/donate